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Woah we're going to Ibiza!

sunny 36 °C

Bass reverberates as we land in Ibiza; all around me are girls in short skirts, hunky topless guys and promoters doing their best to entice you into their clubs. The warm Ibiza sun licks my face as I sip on a tasty beverage and contemplate my week ahead… and I haven’t even left the airport yet!

The party starts the minute we pile into a taxi, techno music pumping, flying down the highway – our speed matching the BPM of the music. Next stop Playa De’n Bossa to check into our beach front apartment.


Wind the clock forward a couple hours and we’re sitting out on our balcony, drink in hand and music playing in the background getting us pumped for the nights antics ahead. We’re heading to the infamous Cream at Amnesia tonight… a club night I’ve been hanging to scope out since watching ‘Kevin & Perry Go Large’ at a wee age (good movie :P).


Now fast forward 48 hours and we’re back on our balcony... drinks & music again in check. The past 2 nights have been sheer pandemonium; Cream on Thursday was good, SupermartXé at Privilege last night was even better! Privilege can house up to 15,000 people – the largest club in the world they say… it’s huge! The entire club was decorated with elaborate décor and naked exotic dancers getting the crowd worked up with their Pamela Anderson (plus some) sized chests and strange flesh coloured pads covering their privates, which disturbingly kept coming unstuck forcing the girls to try and re-stick them while attempting to remain sexy… nice :/ (apologies for the photo but a picture tells a thousand words!). Anyway, the night got pretty messy after that and I don’t remember much more…


We’ve spent most of our Privilege hangover down at the beach lapping up the rays and cleansing ourselves of last night’s poisons (a common story amongst most island goers). Finally we’re starting to see light at the end of this hangover tunnel and are about ready to do it all again! Tonight we’re hitting up Space which is literally a couple 100 metres from our apartment. Makes the stumble home later tonight an easy trek!

Other than choosing which club we want to hit up each night, routine is pretty much the same daily…

1. Sip down a pre-drink or three then hit the clubs around midnight;
2. Party til dawn;
3. Go to bed early… wake up late;
4. Consume whopper from Burger King and add back those calories worked so hard to burn last night;
5. Drag ourselves down to the beach.
6. Burn to a crisp (well me anyway, despite my best sunscreen efforts), then wander back to our apartment and cook pasta for dinner (dinner for cheapskates, but hey when water is 8€ for a 330ml bottle any extra coin helps… don’t get me started on beer prices!).
7. Repeat from step 1.

We made it our aim to party at a different club every night and managed to make it for 5 out of the 6 nights – there is only so much punishment one’s liver can take. On our only ‘quiet’ night we joined the locals at the pub and witnessed Spain take out the Euro Cup final against Italy. What a fiesta! The Spanish like to express their joy in extravagant ways like um… completely rattling the town?! The after party in the street was chaotic – people flooded out onto the roads, traffic came to a standstill, cars were jumped on, light posts pushed over, walls graffitied and masses chanted “Olé Olé Olé Olé, Y Viva España”. Imagine if they’d lost the game?!!


Our next day saw us at Ibiza123 Festival, a small festival set along Ibiza’s sunset strip in San Antonio – the main stage set up right in front of the sea. Early on we saw Tinnie Tempah and a few other folk I can’t remember but he real party didn't kick off until 2ManyDJs took to the stage and had hippies and ravers alike fist pumping the humid air as the sun set over the stage.


With a 10 minute break between sets we had just enough time to trade bats for beers and get back in time to see Sir Elton perform. I was skeptical as to what old mate Elton could bring to a dance festival, but all I can say now is who knew Elton John could be so frikken cool! He opened with a couple old timers on the grand piano before PNAU joined him on stage and performed their ‘rocktronic’ collaboration. Elton John vs. PNAU were awe-inspiring and I was completely won over by Elton’s dazzling sequenced jacket and boppin’ dance moves.

photo__9_.jpg IMG_1110.jpg

We decided to make it a big one for our last night on the island and ventured to Carl Cox’s opening party at Space. Knowing we had to check out the next day and wouldn’t be flying out til 11pm that night we considered the option of an early curfew but hey, go hard or go home right?! The night was pretty insane, the club was packed, the people were sloshed… I even witnessed a giant neon light covered robot lift up through the dance floor and have a ‘dance off’ with Carl Cox before spinning around on the spot shooting sparks and fireworks out his guns onto the crowd! Only in Ibiza eh?! …I wish I got a photo! Poor Joel missed this once in a lifetime spectacular as he was in the toilet – fail. For any of you ‘How I met your mother’ fans out there, we’re now calling him the BLITZZZZ!

Check-out the next day was 11am, having had not even a wink of sleep we tried to accidentally ‘sleep in’ to stretch our check-out to 12 but the cleaners would not allow a minutes overstay and ensured this by banging on our door constantly until we left, ugh.
Our flight wasn't until 11pm that night so we had a full 12 hours to burn until departure. Not even possessing the energy to walk the <100m to the beach after checking out we found ourselves a scabby sunbed by the pool and crashed out there for the day, arms wrapped through our luggage as best we could to protect our possessions from thieving eyes in our passed-out unconscious state.

Our weeks conclusion; we spent a few hours tanning, many hours partying, and not enough hours sleeping… a great week had by both! Now time to recover.


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