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One too many cuckoos... and I'm not just talking clocks!

The adventures of Jasper part 6.


Joel: From Neuschwanstein Castle we bid adieu to Renee's parents as they headed to a Buddhist summer course and we made our way towards Munich. Unfortunately for us our GPS decided that being functional was not an option and our phone of course had limited connectivity, which left us in a rather tricky predicament of no navigation, no accommodation and no real idea of where we wanted to go next. Realising that we probably needed a "domestic day" to plan our next move, we decided our best option was to locate a nearby B&B with wi-fi for the night to get our shit sorted. 

I can tell you one thing now, navigating and making decisions on the fly is not a good way to travel. Blindly following road signs and hoping for the best can often lead to tension amongst couples and after much blind exploration both of us were at wits end so we pulled into the very next Zimmer Frei B&B (room free) sign and hoped to settle for the night.
At first all seemed somewhat promising; the hotel owner/receptionist, although a little hostile, showed us a room and assured us that wi-fi was free and had "good connection". Not bothering to check we dragged our bags up and settled in only to find the wi-fi did not work unless you had the door open, stood in one corner, had the T.V off, shut the curtains, held your laptop in one arm and chanted ancient German folk songs!
So the wi-fi didn't work, no biggie, we would just ask Adolf (the hotel owner) if it needed resetting or if we, at worst case, could move to another room.
I let Renee take the job of asking about the wi-fi and didn't think there could be too much of an issue however before I even had time to react Adolf burst into the room demanding an inspection of our amenities, before throwing us out in fit of wi-fi induced rage.

Renee: Who knew you could get kicked out of a hotel for asking about the wi-fi? I had literally gone down stairs and enquired as to whether there was a problem with it and assumed there would be an easy solution. Instead of even trying to help he abruptly answered me with "Your device." …I politely tried to insist it was not my device as it worked well in other areas of the hotel and asked if maybe it would be possible to move rooms into better wi-fi signal. His answer to THIS was "All rooms full! YOU CHECK OUT!!" My mouth hadn't even opened to respond, Adolf was already up the stairs and storming into our room yelling "YOUR ROOM CLEAN?" "YOU LEAVE ROOM!" "YOU CHECK OUT NOW!!!"

Yes, unlike rockstars who had just thrown a TV out of a window, we were evicted from a hotel for asking why the wi-fi wasn't working. Go Figure??

Joel: By the way, Hotel Furstenhoff in Fussen Germany is the WORST HOTEL WE HAVE EVER BEEN TO EVER IN OUR ENTIRE LIVING LIFE. NO MAN SHOULD EVER GO THERE UNLESS HE IS THE SPAWN OF BEELZEBUB AND PLANS TO REIGN FIRE AND BRIMSTONE ON PLANET EARTH!!! (If you are the spawn of Satan you'll fit right in, the decor is lovely).
After our awkward ejection from Hitler's last remaining hotel, we managed to find a campsite with one remaining plot and camped the night before navigating the old fashion way (yes, I’m talking road maps and street signs) to Munich. Our campsite was right on lakes edge looking out towards Neuschwanstein castle, a million times better than staying in that horrible hotel.

The next day we arrived in Munich, eager to check out the beer halls, down steins of fine german beers, stuff ourselves with bratwurst and sauerkraut and best of all celebrate my birthday while doing it! We were lucky enough to score a pitch in yet another awesome campsite; right on a river that had a still wave where the locals would spend their afternoons surfing on. We spent a week just chilling in the park next to the campsite, watching the locals surf the river, eating currywurst mitt pommes, visiting beer halls and generally enjoying the city itself (not forgetting the 1 euro beer vending machine)



From Munich we had a few days up our sleeves before meeting Renee's parents again for the "Follow Your Heart" street parade in Zurich. We meandered south from Munich following the Cuckoo Clock road through the Black Forest which is coincidentally the home of the original Black Forest cake recipe. Not only was the cake fantastic but the road between the German and Swiss border was breathtaking; high alpine roads that weaved through thick forest, the sky above so dark at times with only a faint ray of light beaming through the thick canopy of the trees. 



At the end of our drive along the cuckoo trail we managed to find a people-friendly hotel where we successfully stopped for a night to chill out with wi-fi, bad food and tasty wine before finally making our way into Switzerland waving goodbye sweet Germany - your cheap beer and currywurst will be forever in my heart!


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