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Mongolia...and why we are not there yet

Im going to put all the blame squarely on that 1.25L Hurricane Jane cocktail and 3L beer tower.
We are absolutely 100% sure they are the 2 things that should cop all the heat for us missing our 8am train.


What started out as a night out with a strict curfew of midnight, quickly progressed into an all nighter. With every hour that passed it seemed as though sleep on the train the next day would be the only zzz's we would be catching. Upon our 4am arrival to our hostel, we packed up our packs and got set to go. With both of us bleary eyed and tired Renee suggested we go straight to the station and await out our departure for the next couple hours there. Drunken me however somehow managed to convince Renee that we could sneak a quick 45 minute power nap in before getting up at 0530 so the alarm was set and I quickly fell asleep, well more passed out. Somewhere between 0445 and 0800 an alarm had gone off, this alarm however fell on deaf ears.
At around the same time our train was due to depart, a hazy Renee mumbled, "what time is it?" it took maybe 0.5 seconds to realise that we had completely ignored our alarm… it was 8am on the dot! Oh shit, f*ck, balls, damn, tits, ballsack, ughrnnnnnnn ow my head!

Even if teleportation had been invented and we could beam straight onto the platform, we still would have not made our train. This rude awakening quickly left us in a state of panic, trains to Mongolia run twice a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and the tickets are $320 each.

Looking like death and smelling like Charlie Sheen, we raced down to the ticketing office, desperate to get on any vessel to Mongolia, hoping that by some miracle we could still salvage some money. Turns out we were in luck, our tickets were able to be re-issued for a $50 fee, bargain. So now we shall be heading to Mongolia next week, which has actually worked our well in favour as now we will get to be part of the Chinese New Year celebration!

I'll leave it at this for now with a Confucius quote of my own...
"He who drink large beer tower, not awake within an hour"



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Hahahahaha!!! Chinese New Year will rock and anyway, how could you not miss the opportunity to drink tasty beverages of such dizzying proportions!

Enjoy your extra week :-)

by Toni

hahahahah hahahahahaha ohh Joelene NEVER choose the powernap Option! it always fails x

by candilawson

hahaha!! Classic and entertaining

by Jo

hahhahahaha LOVE IT!!
Dave will relate to this story quite well, i shall pass this link onto him to have a read :)

Chinese New Year will be fantastic! enjoy x x x

by Kails

Hillarious!!! Joel, I think you've just given up your privilages of making any executive decision for quite a while now, ha ha!! Although Chinese New Year should be awesome! ...You should both get dragon tatoos!!!!! ;-)

by Amy O'Sullivan

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